RC2014 port of Collapse OS


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#RC2014 target for Collapse OS

This is a Collapse OS port for the RC2014. It features support for:

  • The MC6850-based serial communication card
  • The Zilog SIO-based serial communication card
  • SD card access through handmade SPI relay card

To build, run make in this directory. The resulting rc2014.rom should be written to a ROM of at least 8KB.

This repository has a RC2014 emulator, you can launch the built ROM through that emulator with make emul.

By default, the ROM is built and emulated with the MC6850 card. If you want to use the SIO=1 option in make. Use it for the emul target too. Example:

make clean SIO=1 emul

This port is fully self-hosting, that is, the resulting ROM can build the resulting ROM.

For the rest, refer to documentation in doc.