Use ushin shapes in org-mode
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


ushin-shapes.el replaces ushin tags with ushin shapes in Org documents:

:facts: facts.png
:thoughts: thoughts.png
:feelings: feelings.png
:needs: needs.png
:topics: topics.png
:actions: actions.png
:people: people.png

In an Org buffer, tag some headings with USHIN shapes like so:

* I'm excited to use Org files for community deliberation  :feelings:
** The USHIN shapes are helpful for clear communication    :thoughts:

Run M-x ushin-shapes-mode to see :feelings: replaced with the heart shape and :thoughts: replaced with a circle.


The SVG foreground color is customizable as ushin-shapes-foreground-color, so you can set it to match your theme:



ushin-shapes.el requires Emacs version 27.1 or later.

ushin-shapes.el is available on MELPA. Once you've set up MELPA, run M-x package-install then enter ushin-shapes.


Run M-x ushin-shapes-mode in an Org buffer or add the following line to your init.el file to use ushin-shapes-mode in all Org buffers:


#Bugs and Patches

Bugs can be submitted to the ushin issue tracker. Patches, comments or questions can be submitted to the ushin public inbox.

#Chat Room

You're welcome to join our public XMPP chat room!