Add text buffer class, and use ECS for text rendering.
Outline testing.
Use other thread for generating meteor. A meteor with large vector count was blocking drawing.
Clean cmake file. Rename shape shader.
Recreate commands if new shapes are added to ecs.
Move setting system from app drawing loop to meteor class.
Create time class for counting frame time and fps.
Refactor sprite rendering to use entity component system. Merge sprite render pass with shape render. Move sprite pipeline create to other class.
Add system (ecs) for spawning and re-spawning stars. Load meshes only once.
Add position and velocity to physics ecs-system. Render more than one shape.
Separate model matrix from view/projection matricies. Model will change for each model.
Experiment with entity component system. The meteor rotation and angular velocity are now components in the meteor entity. A physics system updates the rotation, and render system updates uniform buffer from rotation.
Use single renderpass and command to render all text.
Add text rendering of different sizes. Not optimal, the text pipeline should be shared between all sizes.
Refactor text correction to draw indexed.
Smooth font with bezier curve.
Load all chars from font and test rendering string.
Text render test using true type fonts and Freetype.
Stencil text rendering test.
Use one descriptor set and ubo for all swapchain images. Should use dynamic offset for different ubos for images, but for now use one ubo only.