7876e801 — John Luxford 2 years ago master
Updated readme to add badges
Fixed missing slashes on PDO constants, fixes #46
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:jbroadway/analog
Keep file handle open for a big performance improvement on File handler
f9541cdf — Aband*nthecar 3 years ago
Merge pull request #45 from jbroadway/github-actions

GitHub actions to replace travis-ci
Updated composer versions and re-added php 8
Let's get php 7.x working first
psr/log fix
strategy spelling fix
Deleted travis-ci config
Added initial github actions to replace travis-ci
78464a76 — Aband*nthecar 3 years ago
Minor readme edits, removed travis-ci build status
c72b0668 — Aband*nthecar 3 years ago
Merge pull request #44 from lucasmichel/feature/add-set-timezone

add set timezone
2e2b1984 — lucasmichel 3 years ago
add set timezone
81a49917 — John Luxford 3 years ago
Removed unneeded comment
6d7f2081 — John Luxford 3 years ago
Added instructions to FirePHP example
f8dddb3a — John Luxford 4 years ago
Composer updates
Added missing example and listing for WPMail handler
Added Redis handler
Fixed phpunit warning