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2) Next we will need to copy the `cwebp` folder to our `/usr/local/bin` directory:
  - Open macOS Terminal
  - Run `sudo cp /Downloads/libwebp-1.2.1-mac-10.15/bin/cwebp /user/local/bin`
  - Run `sudo cp /Downloads/libwebp-1.2.1-mac-10.15/bin/cwebp /usr/local/bin`
  - *Note:* if the `/usr/local/bin` directory doesn't exist, simply create it by running: `sudo cd /usr/local && mkdir bin`

## Creating our custom Automator script

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If you ever have the need to edit this script (for example, changing the default `85` quality parameter), you will need to navigate to your `~/Library/Services` folder and open your custom webp Quick Action in the Automator application. 

Simple as that!

## Possible Hiccups

I was contacted by the very helpful [Kev Quirk](https://kevq.uk) about a minor problem he encountered while following this tutorial. When trying to run `cwebp` he received the following error message:

cwebp cannot be opened because it's from an unverified developer

Doing the next steps seemed to have fixed this issue for him:

1. Click on the "Open in Finder" in the error message prompt
2. Double-click on the `cwebp` utility to open in Terminal
3. You'll then be prompted with a pop-up asking if you wish to execute

After following these steps, the issue should be resolved.