Add quote from Wotac
114ad7d4 — Gareth Pulham 3 years ago
Move from freenode to libera
Refer to the RSS feed for IRC quotes on the IRC page
Give RSS feeds distinct titles
Replace < and > with HTML entities in quotes RSS
Split up quotes into individual files

This mainly allows us to have an RSS feed of the quotes too.
Use the same Docker tag names in Gitlab CI
Split up docker pushes to seperate commands in gitlab ci
Apply -t flag for additional tags
Push to both quay.io and registry.gitlab.com in gitlab ci
Try gitlab ci with --password-stdin
Update GitLab CI with Quay credentials
Move .build.yml to .builds subdir
975a1d64 — Tom Ryder 3 years ago
Format list of dialogues as ordered not unordered
ffebc5d5 — Tom Ryder 3 years ago
Adjust wording of dialogues introduction
49138390 — Tom Ryder 3 years ago
Remove sentence describing content of dialogues

No longer true; new topics have since been introduced.
2f8b125f — Tom Ryder 3 years ago
Remove empty and apparently-disused FOSDEM page
4b05a91e — Tom Ryder 3 years ago
Use more robust front-matter method for active tab
picking-a-distro.md: Add alpine, add lightweight install sizes

I'm a big fan of alpine, so I am sharing the good word.  Also I think it is a
good idea to give readers an idea of how small these installation footprints

Happy bikeshedding!

Signed-off-by: Tom Ryder <tom@sanctum.geek.nz>
0bc845a4 — Tom Ryder 3 years ago
Update Ruby Gemfiles and package states