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picking-a-distro.md: Add alpine, add lightweight install sizes

I'm a big fan of alpine, so I am sharing the good word.  Also I think it is a
good idea to give readers an idea of how small these installation footprints

Happy bikeshedding!

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authors: [
	"Patrick 'tyil' Spek &lt;p.spek@tyil.work&gt;",
	"ShadowM00n &lt;shadowm00n@airmail.cc&gt;"
	"ShadowM00n &lt;shadowm00n@airmail.cc&gt;",
	"Winston (winny) Weinert &lt;winston+fglt@ml1.net&gt;"

@@ 80,16 81,25 @@ A free distribution based on [Debian][debian].
The netinstaller for Debian is the most minimal version you can start out with.
It's stable, produces a very small OS once done installing is incredibly
stable. Be aware that Debian by default does not allow non-free software in the
main repos, so not all hardware may be supported out of the box.
main repos, so not all hardware may be supported out of the box.  An amd64
Debian netinstall is about 1&nbsp;Gigabyte in size.

#### [Lubuntu][lubuntu]
Lubuntu's LXDE desktop environment is made specifically to be usable on systems
with low resources.
with low resources.  A Lubuntu install is about 4½&nbsp;GB.

#### [Xubuntu][xubuntu]
While not as lightweight as Lubuntu, it's lightweight enough to run on most
machines. It's a little more polished than Lubuntu by default, but this is
ofcourse subjective to your tastes.
ofcourse subjective to your tastes.  A Xubuntu install is about 5½&nbsp;GB.

#### [Alpine][alpine]
A standard Alpine install is less than 1 Gigabyte.  Installation is dead
simple, however, it defers additional software configuration to the user.
Alpine is flexible enough for server, basic desktop, and embedded use.  Alpine
is also widely used for Docker and virtual machines.  Due to a reduced package
selection, a small tight-knit community, and use of the Musl libc, Alpine may
not be as stable as enterprise-grade distros.

### Stability
#### [Debian][debian]

@@ 147,6 157,7 @@ distribution. I'd greatly appreciate any help in maintaining this list, and
that includes suggestions for other distros in the list. You can have one
added by sending in a MR on the repository.

[alpine]: https://alpinelinux.org/
[archlinux]: https://www.archlinux.org/
[debian]: https://www.debian.org/
[devuan]: https://www.devuan.org/