Gentoo overlay for the Raku programming language
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#Raku Overlay for Portage

This is an overlay for Portage, allowing Gentoo (and derivative) users to manage modules for the Raku programming language through Portage.


Create the file /etc/portage/repos.conf/raku.conf, and add the following contents.

priority = 50
sync-type = git
sync-uri = https://git.sr.ht/tyil/raku-overlay.git
auto-sync = yes

The Raku overlay introduces a new category for Portage, dev-raku. Since this is not a default category known by Portage, you must add this yourself.

echo dev-raku >> /etc/portage/categories

If you're on a stable profile, you may also need to keyword Raku and a number of its dependencies.

*/*::raku-overlay ~amd64 # This will keyword *all* modules in the Raku
                         # overlay. Leave this out if you want to keyword
                         # these individually.

dev-lang/raku ~amd64
dev-lang/rakudo ~amd64
dev-lang/nqp ~amd64
dev-lang/moarvm ~amd64

All that's left now is to sync and emerge!

emerge --sync
emerge -a dev-lang/raku