Move to Sourcehut
RakuDist doesn't support this feature in the way I had hoped
Rename Perl 6 to Raku
Update usage documentation
Bring the other sub in line too
Remove reference to unused exception
Perform prove6 test on all branches
Rewrite README
Rewrite module
Bump version to 1.0.0
Move Hash::Merge -> Hash::Merge::Augment, new Hash::Merge from Hash::Merge::F

Original Hash::Merge is incredibly slow due to the MONKEY. This is
someone that is very unlikely to be what people want. App::Assixt
reports parse time to go from 13s to 7s on first run, 13s to 0.3s on
subsequent runs, which is *massive*.
Add Hash::Merge::Unit
Add tests for a unit module
Update Travis config to use rakudo-pkg
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:scriptkitties/p6-Hash-Merge
Bump version to 0.2.0
b0c043ee — Patrick Spek 4 years ago
Merge pull request #4 from scriptkitties/hotfix/no-precompilation

Add no precompilation pragma
Update travis testing targets

It seems zef doesn't install properly with the older Perl 6 releases
anymore, making our tests fail.
Add a LICENSE file

Fixes #3

Fixes #2