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# neobots


#### Bot Logic:
## Links

Project: <https://sr.ht/~txtsd/neobots/> <br>
Sources: <https://sr.ht/~txtsd/neobots/sources> <br>
Ticket Tracker: <https://todo.sr.ht/~txtsd/neobots> <br>
Mailing List: <https://lists.sr.ht/~txtsd/neobots> <br>

Mirrors: <br>
[Codeberg](https://codeberg.org/txtsd/neobots) <br>
[NotABug](https://notabug.org/txtsd/neobots) <br>
[GitLab](https://gitlab.com/txtsd/neobots) <br>
[GitHub](https://github.com/txtsd/neobots) <br>
[Bitbucket](https://bitbucket.org/txtsd/neobots) <br>

If sourcehut is not feasible, contribution is welcome from across mirrors.

## Bot Logic:
* If you haven't run habitarium before, the bot will buy buildings and reset your habitarium repeatedly until it has enough (items don't reset)
* Checks for gems on the board every 2 minutes
* Checks for unbuilt buildings, and looks for an idle soldier or worker to build it

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* If an item does need to be bought urgently, it attempts to buy that item, or waits until enough resources are gathered. No upgrades or nest dumping will occur during this wait.
* Waits and repeats

**Please visit [the forum](http://clraik.com/forum/showthread.php?t=33739) for installation and usage instructions.**