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![neobots] (http://i.imgur.com/1FSmg4P.png)

#### Bot Logic:
* If you haven't run habitarium before, the bot will buy buildings and reset your habitarium repeatedly until it has enough (items don't reset)
* Checks for gems on the board every 2 minutes
* Checks for unbuilt buildings, and looks for an idle soldier or worker to build it
* Checks for unhealthy buildings, and looks for an idle soldier or worker to repair it
* Checks for idle workers, and makes them gather the resource of which you have the least amount
* Attempts to build your map with the items it obtained in the beginning
* Checks for hungry and tired workers, and puts them in hospitals, or houses if hospitals aren't available yet
* Checks for nesters and puts them in their nests
* Checks for eggs. Harvests, hatches and discards them according to the situation. Some eggs are stored in inventory to immediately remove and hatch, during population die-offs. Eliminates wait time.
* If no item needs to be bought urgently (usually just the hospitals), it checks for available upgrades and whether or not it should dump nests.
* If an item does need to be bought urgently, it attempts to buy that item, or waits until enough resources are gathered. No upgrades or nest dumping will occur during this wait.
* Waits and repeats

**Please visit the forum for installation and usage instructions.**