Hey! I'm txtsd! Welcome to my corner of the Internet. You might know me from the Prism Launcher team or from IRC.

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IRC: txtsd (libera.chat)

PGP: 0x97C8848C2E4063CB


The Prism Launcher Chocolatey package


Personal website!


Configuration files


txtsd's PKGBUILDs for the Arch User Repository [MIRROR]


Arch's pacman with support for custom unicode progress bar glyphs


A DB for Pathfinder 2e material


An API for Pathfinder 2e material


MCRPC (Minecraft Resource Pack Comparator) checks your resource pack against any version of Minecraft to show resources missing from your pack for that version. It can also compare any two versions of Minecraft and show missing (added) files.


A tool to check passwords against the pwnedpasswords API at haveibeenpwned


A script to manage unbound's DNS cache using unbound-control


Rip stickers straight from LINE's marketplace


An autoplayer for Orna


A set of python scripts to pull contacts from Facebook and convert them to csv and vcard


neobots is a Habitarium autoplayer


Plight Rising contains scripts that will let you automate certain dailies on Flight Rising, and automatically play the Coliseum.

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