Wisconsin, USA


Software developer from Wisconsin. Professionally, I work mostly in Rails & web tech. Personally, I’m interested in a variety of things: FP, embedded, and radio.


A Ruby embedded DSL for writing 6502 assembly


Nautical bells for Uxn


A ray tracer based on "The Ray Tracer Challenge"


My PiCoSteveMo game https://twopoint718.itch.io/the-mist see also: https://itch.io/jam/picostevemo


A Gherkin Language parser for Zig


A flimsy implementation of the "Ray Tracer Challenge" but in rust (with cucumbers!)


Software to generate interesting graphics for a pen plotter (WIP always)


An unnamed Playdate console adventure game


A pure ruby assembler for the uxntal assembly language


A Ruby implementation of proquints


Morse code learning app for Uxn