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#Stock Toolkit

Stock Toolkit is a toy application for digging into information about securities.

It's entire reason for existence is to help me improve the quality of tools in my kit for building web applications in 2020. It was inspired by this video tutorial series and its API closely resembles the one described there.

My versions differ in incidental ways from that API, different front end tooling, different database tooling, debugging affordances, and playing with structure that works for me as far as ease of hosting and maintenance. Also, I don't make tutorial videos.

To host this locally on a system with docker-compose installed, first create a .env file using env-sample.txt as a template. Then run

docker-compose build
docker-compose up

to start the services and connect. Note that your user will need to have appropriate ACLs for the docker service resources.

I posted a detailed example of how I set it up on my local VM server, then use a VPS in the cloud as a TLS reverse proxy that might be useful for anyone who wants to build something similar.

All of my code here is licensed under an MIT-style license. See LICENSE for details.