a space for kicking the tires on PlatformIO and figuring out whether some of the parts in my drawer are usable
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initial commit - quick and dirty project for kicking the tires on PlatformIO


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#Arduino Sandbox

This is my test project for figuring out Arduino things. Like mostly how to interface various under- and undocumented parts in my drawer in a useful way.

Most of the interesting stuff is on the device side. On the host side there are some bits for interacting with the board over a serial interface that would probably never find their way into a non-debug build of anything at all but that were necessary because I wanted slightly richer controls than could be had with the relatively small number of buttons, jumpers and dials in my collection.

This uses PlatformIO to manage builds, loads and IDE integration.

All my code here is MIT licensed. Other code is used under whatever license its author chose, and I've tried to detail those in the ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. It is worth noting that despite the permissiveness of my own choice, this does include the LiquidCrystal-I2C library, which as far as I can tell is LGPL v2.1. That would need to be removed before anything here could be distributed as only binaries unless you went to significant build system trouble. I expect that most of the interesting code here won't interact with the LCD in any kind of load bearing way, so it still feels useful to have all my new bits available under MIT.