Implementation of csv.DictReader for excel files


my solutions for advent of code 2021


roster app for exploring and demonstrating hx-trigger functionality


quick and dirty implementation of https://nullprogram.com/blog/2021/12/31/


cleaned up and merged dotfiles repository


An IRC bot that corrects poor word choices


my solutions to AOC 2020 puzzles


Print headers and POST data from entries in a Charles proxy log in a format suitable for the requests library for python.


project for learning new python web development tools


my mirror of a tool that i use to download videos of my online coursework for offline viewing


format colors for easy pasting into love2d games


"Center Selection" script for asesprite


Fork of https://github.com/Ranguna/LOVEDEBUG that restores support for LÖVE 10.2


Cookiecutter template for a rust web service using rocket and OKAPI


a space for kicking the tires on PlatformIO and figuring out whether some of the parts in my drawer are usable

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