Quang Binh, Vietnam


14-year-old student who likes making programs.


A small, concatenative programming language. Implemented in C99.


A simple, yet modern and beautiful classless CSS style


A shitty top-down 2D shooter game. Made with KaboomJS


A failed stack-based programming language that I wrote in C.


A simple, beautiful and interactive wrapper of curl


A bunch of K programs that I wrote throughout the years of learning K


A self-hosted, dead-simple `Is it up?` service


A small and practical esolang.


A dead simple self-hosted pastebin service. Written in Deno and Fresh.


Rust web app with a bunch of random (but probably useful) tools


FlyURL - Let your URL fly! (Open-source, self-hosted URL shortener service)


Simple implementation of Linear Congruential Generator (LCG) in Go


Marker - Clean Markdown editor


Hacker News in the terminal. Written in Golang.

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