A TUI for local play of the game of Tak
1735a79f — tslil clingman 17 days ago
fix bug in capstone -> wall logic
6edf7d4c — tslil clingman 3 years ago
Changed stack rendering to vertical with indicators for direction
32cd2d48 — tslil clingman 4 years ago
Actually it should be an MD


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#A TUI for local play of the game of Tak


Clone the repo, issue cargo build and enjoy (?)


Takwrap supports local play, undo, and starting variant and game exporting to PTN. See takwrap -h for options and details.

Note in particular that takwrap supports the following alternate starting configurations, which are embedded in the exported PTN file as [Variant XXX].

  • CPSn, counter-play start with n=1 is the default.

    White places a black flat, then black places a white flat. This repeats n times, after which normal play resumes.

  • FCS, forbidden corner start.

    CPS1 but white may not place the black flat in a corner

  • FES, forbidden edge start.

    CPS1 but white may not place the black flat on an edge

  • TPS, two ply start.

    White places two black flats, then black places a white flat and normal play resumes.

  • CZS, Czech start.

    White places a black flat, then normal play resumes

#Interfacing with engines

Takwrap does not have computer opponents built in, but instead allows interfacing with external engine programmes with the -e parameter. It expects the name of an executable in the path which accepts the name of a file with a game-state in PTN, and which returns a single, valid move.

See the file wrap_taktician for an example of utilising Taktician for this purpose.

Note that the engine is expected to respect the [Variant XXX] line in the PTN game-state, so expect breakage with anything but the default.

#Additional contributors

With thanks to

  • ~devp for fixing a capstone->wall flattening bug