An implementation of Tak and a computer opponent in C
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--fast-math seems saves some time
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Went for more standard unicode symbols
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Corrected win screen in geminict


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#ctak, ctaklm, and ct1986


Details forthcoming, but at a glance:

  1. ctak is a C library for the game of Tak
  2. ctaklm is a line-mode interface to ctak and a computer opponent (for 5x5)
  3. ct1986 is a similar interface, but designed for a Raspberry Pi Zero running buildroot and displaying output on a character LCD.

#Building for the native platform

make native

#Building for the Raspberry Pi Zero

Download and extract a recent version of buildroot into the working directory. Edit BUILDROOT_DIR=buildroot-2020.11.1 in Makefile to point to the extracted directory.

make pi

#The computer opponent

#Adversarial tree search implementation

Details coming soon

#The convolutional neural network cnn1986

Details coming soon