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@@ 5,6 5,7 @@ _Moi_ is an [IndieAuth](https://www.w3.org/TR/indieauth/) server, built on top o
## Features

 - Use basic auth for authentication
   - Optional WebAuthn support
 - Authorization and token endpoint spec-compliant
 - JSON logs of authentication requests

@@ 26,8 27,11 @@ apps:
       username: "yourusername"
       password: "yourpassword"
       register_key_enabled: true  # Must be set for registering a security key

You can now use `https://yourdomain.tld` as your IndieAuth identity URL.

Authentication requests are available at `https://yourdomain.tld/logs` (authenticated, and in JSON format).

To setup a security key, go to `https://yourdomain.tld/register_key`, and disabled`register_key_enabled` in the config afterwards to prevent adding new ones.