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Extract urls from text using regular expressions.

go get -u github.com/mvdan/xurls
import "github.com/mvdan/xurls"

func main() {
    xurls.Relaxed.FindString("Do gophers live in golang.org?")
    // "golang.org"
    xurls.Strict.FindAllString("foo.com is http://foo.com/.", -1)
    // []string{"http://foo.com/"}

Relaxed is around five times slower than Strict since it does more work to find the URLs without relying on the scheme:

BenchmarkStrictEmpty-4           1000000              1885 ns/op
BenchmarkStrictSingle-4           200000              8356 ns/op
BenchmarkStrictMany-4             100000             22547 ns/op
BenchmarkRelaxedEmpty-4           200000              7284 ns/op
BenchmarkRelaxedSingle-4           30000             58557 ns/op
BenchmarkRelaxedMany-4             10000            130251 ns/op
go get -u github.com/mvdan/xurls/cmd/xurls
$ echo "Do gophers live in http://golang.org?" | xurls