ref: b178995e346d blobstash/pkg/server/server.go -rw-r--r-- 10.8 KiB
server: remove git server
apps,webauthn,...: more cleanup
webauthn: cleanup
apps,lua: working Webauthn helper
server: tweak the logger
s3,blobstore,...: fix restore from S3
apps: IndieAuth support for authentication
server,...: improve status endpoint
...: GC improvements
server,config,blobstore: don't check BlobsFile at startup
server: fix autocert for tls-alpn-01 support
server,queue,s3: add new status endpoint
docstore,config: working sort indexes
hub,stash: start support for a root stash
capabilities,filetree,...: more work for the FS "remote mode"
auth,perms,server,...: more work on RBAC/perms
apps,..: more internal Lua APIs
kvstore,apps: better internal Lua API
gitserver,docs: tweaks
gitserver,...: export more data in the API and the Lua API
gitserver: add new smart HTTP git support