perms,docstore: tweak the docstore permissions
docstore: bugfixes
filetree/fs: rename/cleanup the FUSE FS
filetree/vidinfo: add more video extensions
s3: more retries
filetree: track more meta for directories
filetree: add text file type detection
filetree/lua: better snapshot support
filetree: add new "file type" attribute for nodes
filetree/vidinfo: tweak ffmpeg options
deps: update leveldb
deps: update deps
cmd,s3,blobstore,...: cleanup
s3,blobstore,...: fix restore from S3
cmd: new blobstash-s3-restore helper
More work on the new blobsfile upload/restore
More BlobsFile sync
filetree: remove dead code
filetree: remove dead code
s3,queue,...: reshape s3 replication

Now upload blobsfiles pack and removing individual blobs