BlobPad is a simple note-taking app built on top of BlobStash.
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


BlobPad is a simple and minimalist note-taking app, built on top of BlobStash.


  • Markdown support (with GFM code block and table support)
    • custom task list support (toggling checkboxes updates Markdown task bullets ([ ]/[x]))
    • syntax highlighting for code blocks
  • Full-text search support
  • Attachments support
    • Pictures are directly embedded/displayed into notes
    • But any file can be attached
  • Pinning support (notes staying on top)
  • Mobile-friendly UI
  • Not an SPA



#New/Edit page


Assuming you already have a configured BlobStash instance.

Add the app to your configuration file (blobstash.yaml):

   - name: blobpad
     remote: "https://git.sr.ht/~tsileo/blobpad#master"
     username: "yourusername"
     password: "yourpassword"

Go to https://yourblobstashinstance.tld/api/apps/blobpad.

TODO document custom domain support

#Searching notes

BlobPad supports full-text searching with a custom query language:

#Query language

  • +query/-query: will match a note only if it matches/does not match the query term
  • query: the query term will be stemmed and matched with the note "text index"
  • "query": requires an exact match (even in the middle of word), can contains spaces

#Sample queries

  • +apple -orange: returns notes containing apple and does not contain orange
  • apple: will match notes containing apple and apples
  • "apple": will match only apple (i.e. not apples), and will also match pineapple
  • apple orange: will match notes containg apple(s) or orange(s)
  • apple orange -"pineapple": will match notes containing apple(s) or orange(s); and that does not contains pineapple
  • "multiple words": will match notes containing exactly multiple words