Release swayrbar-0.3.2
Fix a bug where swayrbar stops working after clicks which spawn a cmd with output
Fix a bug where we exit non-zero if origin is already focused
Release swayr-0.24.0-beta.1
Make switch-to-* commands which match by criteria/mark/app return non-zero if...

...there is no matching window at all.
tile/tab commands return a value
A bunch of more commands return a value
swap-focused-with returns a value
Minor refactoring
Some improvements
Return zero with switch-to commands if the window to select is already focused
configure-outputs returns a value
More commands indicate success/error
Make switch-window return a value
update README and NEWS
Implement return value for switch-to-*-window commands
Implement return value for switch-to-matching-or-urgent-or-lru-window
Release swayrbar-0.3.1
New command get-windows-as-json, release swayr-0.24.0-beta.0