Update deps; clippy suggestion
89ee9ca3 — Rouven Czerwinski a month ago
cmds: fix a comment typo

This shows up under swayr --help, so fix the description.
Release swayr-0.27.1
Release swayrbar-0.3.7
Upgrade deps
Release swayr-0.27.0
Improve README
Implement custom swaymsg commands & new cmds print(-default)-config
Implement custom swaymsg commands
Release swayr-0.26.1
A little refactoring
for-each-window: kill spawned processes after a short timeout
Release swayrbar-0.3.6
Release swayr-0.26.0
Describe {pid} in the NEWS
New for-each-window scripting command
Make get-windows-as-json a "scripting command"

"scripting commands" don't reset switch-to-matching data and mess with focus
Add a note to the README