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`swayrbar`, like [waybar](https://github.com/Alexays/Waybar/), consists of a
set of modules which you can enable and configure via its config file, either
system-wide (`/etc/xdg/swayrbar/config.toml`) or per user
(`~/.config/swayrbar/config.toml`).  Modules emit information which `swaybar`
the one specified via the command line option `--config-file`, the
user-specific (`~/.config/swayrbar/config.toml`), or the system-wide
(`/etc/xdg/swayrbar/config.toml`).  Modules emit information which `swaybar`
then displays and mouse clicks on a module's space in `swaybar` are propagated
back and trigger some action (e.g., a shell command).