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@@ 32,6 32,29 @@ Right now, there are these subcommands:
* `execute-swayr-command` displays all commands above and executes the selected
  one.  (This is useful for accessing swayr commands which are not bound to a
* `tile-workspace exclude-floating|include-floating` tiles all windows on the
  current workspace (excluding or including floating ones).  That's done by
  moving all windows to the scratchpad, setting the workspace to `splith`
  layout, and then moving the windows back.  If the `auto_tile` feature is
  used, see the Configuration section below, it'll change from splitting
  horizontally to vertically during re-insertion.
* `shuffle-tile-workspace exclude-floating|include-floating` shuffles & tiles
  all windows on the current workspace.  The shuffle part means that (a) the
  windows are shuffled before re-insertion, and (b) a randomly chosen already
  re-inserted window is focused before re-inserting another window.  So while
  `tile-workspace` on a typical horizontally oriented screen and 5 windows will
  usually result in a layout with one window on the left and all four others
  tiled vertially on the right, `shuffle-tile-workspace` in combination with
  `auto_tile` usually results in a more balanced layout, i.e., 2 windows tiled
  vertically on the right and the other 4 tiled vertially on the left.  If you
  have less than a handful of windows, just repeat `shuffle-tile-workspace` a
  few times until happenstance creates the layout you wanted.
* `tab-workspace exclude-floating|include-floating` puts all windows of the
  current workspace into a tabbed container.
* `toggle-tab-shuffle-tile-workspace exclude-floating|include-floating` toggles
  between a tabbed and tiled layout, i.e., it calls `shuffle-tile-workspace` if
  it is currently tabbed, and calls `shuffle-tile-workspace` if it is currently

## Screenshots