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Ledgeroni is a barebones tool for working with ledger journals. It mostly exists as an educational toy, but I think it's neat.

It tries to imitate the reference Ledger CLI in usage, but only implements the tiniest subset of its functionality.

The name Ledgeroni was chosen because I like it better than Ledgerino.


NOTE: Make sure you have python>=3.7 installed.

To install the tool, simply clone the repository and install with pip:

$ git clone https://github.com/rafacastillol/ledgeroni.git
$ cd ledgeroni && pip install .

After this, you can start playing with the CLI, for example, this command will print out the balances of the assets of the included sample journal:

$ ledgeroni -f tests/sample_data/index.ledger --price-db tests/sample_data/prices_db bal Asset

This command shows a registry of Expenses that are not from Reddit:

$ ledgeroni -f tests/sample_data/index.ledger --price-db tests/sample_data/prices_db bal Expense and not Reddit


To install and test for development, instead install using the editable flag:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ pip install --editable .

Tests can be run with pytest:

$ pytest