gfcptun: An fast and low-latency connection tunnel using GFCP over UDP.


gfpsgo: gfpsgo is a fork of psgo, an IBM AIX-compatible ps(1) utility and Go library, extended with various descriptors useful for displaying container-related data on Linux.


fl256: A Go library, built on math/big.Float, for precision crypto-currency ledger calculations, using a 42:214 fixed-precision representation


opendnsmyip: A Go package to return the public-facing IPv4 address of the client by querying the Cisco OpenDNS servers


goc25519sm: A Go package for validated and consensus-safe Curve25519 scalar multiplication


gpushover: Go wrapper for the Pushover API


gfcp: A high-performance variant of KCP for Go


randgoart: OpenSSH style key visualization


gfsmux: Efficient stream multiplexing for Go


duma: Detect Unintended Memory Access (D.U.M.A.) - A Red-Zone memory allocator


reduce-algebra: a portable general-purpose computer algebra system, automatically mirrored from https://svn.code.sf.net/p/reduce-algebra/code/. Please visit the REDUCE Homepage, https://reduce-algebra.sourceforge.io/, to report any bugs or request assistance.


gonuma: A utility library for writing NUMA-aware Go applications


leaktestfe: A convenience library and front-end for goleak


run-reduce: A JavaFX GUI to run the REDUCE Computer Algebra System, automatically mirrored from https://github.com/fjwright/Run-REDUCE


rvi: rvi is an interface to RCS that attempts to make the process of using RCS simpler. (Original source: https://www.cs.ru.ac.za/research/g98t4414/static/home/rvi/)

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