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harvest-almanac is the GUI application written in GTK to interact with Harvest. It uses libharvest-glib to do this.



This project has only been tested with gcc. The build system for the project is Meson. Make sure that is installed on your system.

CC=gcc meson build


You can find necessary dependecies and their versions in the root meson.build.

This project has been configured to use Meson's WrapDB if development libraries are not found on the host system. If you want to use WrapDB-provided dependencies, simply run the command

meson configure -Dwrap_mode=forcefallback build


This project includes support for flatpak and snap in addition to a regular application.

Unfortunately the version of GTK in the core18 snap is incompatible with libhandy. A workaround could be using the GTK wrap supplied in this repo. It would take time to figure out if versions of packages in core18 work with GTK 3.24. This is doable if someone commits to it.

ninja -C build
flatpak-builder --verbose --sandbox --force-clean --repo=.flatpak-repo --ccache --user --install-deps-from=flathub --install .flatpak  dist/flatpak/io.partin.tristan.HarvestAlmanac.yaml


flatpak run io.partin.tristan.HarvestAlmanac