ref: f48b10b7c275e961a2d5a64bc9346898e8121d4a harvest-almanac/harvest-almanac d---------
harvest-alamnac: spacing
harvest-glib: remove library restriction on # of clients
harvest-almanac: added support for updating company
harvest-glib: handle unexpected status code
meta: dirty commit :/

This commit features:

* Context support
* Reactive UI
* GString cleanup
* Singleton refactor
harvest-almanac: added an synchronous client API
harvest-almanac: Stopped using the stupid casting technique
harvest-almanac: removed g_log in favor of g_critical
Removed SoupSession memory leak
harvest-almanac: completed first step to adjusting profile workflow
harvest-almanac: updated version in about dialog
harvest-almanac: removed view switchers in favor of leaflets
harvest-almanac: added context type to handle shared state within the app

This could have been state on the application, but I feel that that is a
generally dirtier way. Separation of concerns is our friend.
harvest-almanac: made first request
harvest-almanac: integrated libsecret and gsettings in prep for first request
harvest-glib: removed versioning of API client for now
harvest-almanac: set up libsecret for handling access token
app: implemented the preferences window
meta: adjusted configuration config to compile with clang

Not tested