ref: e42206aa38a1dda72dfc0b5c0228cc2d6c371f34 harvest-almanac/harvest-glib/meson.build -rw-r--r-- 3.0 KiB
harvest-glib: remove unused line
harvest-glib: continue organization
flatpak: updated manifest file and docs
meson: fixed test and added include guard to generated enums file
harvest-almanac: added support for getting current company
harvest-glib: figured out how gnome.mkenums_simple works
harvest-glib: added testing support
meson: allow to build only lib or use system lib
harvest-almanac: made first request
harvest-almanac: integrated libsecret and gsettings in prep for first request
meta: adjusted configuration config to compile with clang

Not tested
app: Created password schema