ref: c9cf012ccba433187af36838586e54f69606901b harvest-almanac/harvest-glib d---------
harvest-glib: continue organization
harvest-glib: rework how optional query params work
I have no clue why this worked (send help)
harvest-glib: remove library restriction on # of clients
flatpak: updated manifest file and docs
meson: fixed test and added include guard to generated enums file
harvest-glib: added much better support for JSON deserialization
harvest-alamanc: removed unused header / use void for param
harvest-glib: made use of more enums in GValus
harvest-almanac: added support for getting current company
harvest-glib: figured out how gnome.mkenums_simple works
harvest-glib: updated comment with solution
harvest-glib: handle unexpected status code
meta: dirty commit :/

This commit features:

* Context support
* Reactive UI
* GString cleanup
* Singleton refactor
harvest-glib: added testing support
harvest-almanac: added an synchronous client API
harvest-glib(HarvestResponse): made the body a GValue instead of a GObject
harvest-glib(HarvestUser): added getters for first name and last name
meson: allow to build only lib or use system lib