ref: 0d8dbe1b99f580465eb071e04b0df63a41bbff14 harvest-almanac/.build.yml -rw-r--r-- 856 bytes
ci: leaked build secrets like a tard
ci: hopefully stop leaking secrets
ci: added testing into the ci
ci: disable building context
ci: use yaml and not json...
ci: actually cd into the directory
ci: fixed error in bulid file
ci: install flatpak-builder instead of flatpak
ci: added flatpak build step
meson: used warning level instead of c_args
meson: cannot actually silence the warning

Compiling the subproject fs it up
meson: fixed warning_level warning
ci: removed annotatec source
ci: removed annotioning

More trouble than it is worth for GNUC applications
ci: fixed build.yml
app: Created password schema