harvest-glib: rework how optional query params work
meson: upgrade libhandy
harvest-alamnac: spacing
harvest-almanac: add back in about/prefs popover
I have no clue why this worked (send help)
licensing: Add top level license file to redirect to subproject licenses
harvest-glib: remove library restriction on # of clients
flatpak: updated manifest file and docs
meson: fixed test and added include guard to generated enums file
harvest-glib: added much better support for JSON deserialization
harvest-alamanc: removed unused header / use void for param
harvest-glib: made use of more enums in GValus
harvest-almanac: added support for updating company
meson: renamed tests option
harvest-almanac: added support for getting current company
harvest-glib: figured out how gnome.mkenums_simple works
harvest-glib: updated comment with solution
harvest-glib: handle unexpected status code
ci: leaked build secrets like a tard