Personal configuration files
Conditionally add git support to prompt if git-prompt can be found
Add better support for Python venvs and future extra prompt info
Fix path issues


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These are my personal configuration files.

#Solus Setup

Under solus-setup, I have a set of scripts to get some aspects of a new install bootstrapped. It can be invoked by bash main.sh gtk_packages_list.txt.

#GNU Stow

This repository uses GNU stow to manage dotfiles.

  • bash
  • solus
  • ssh
  • tmux
  • vim
  • terraform
  • readline
  • libedit

The above is a list of packages stow can be used on. That syntax looks like stow {package}.

#Bash Prompt

Bash Prompt (insert) Bash Prompt (command)

From left to right:

  • return code of previous command
  • number of jobs currently managed by the shell
  • 24-hr time
  • username@hostname
  • current directory
  • git branch

2nd line:

  • marker for vi mode: ● for insert and ○ for command
  • root/user