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Read The Boys Omnibus 1 (2009).
Read The Boys Omnibus 2 (2010).

I'm counting each of these as a book because they were like 500-600 pages each.


there's something gross about my liver
think my brain's gonna decay
I'm twitching, can't steady my fingers
organs filled; contaminate

I need a drink, oh god I'm dying
I'm fucking dying of this thirst
I think withdrawal's gonna kill me
that is, if I don't kill me first

I need to sanitize my kidneys
need to sterilize my flesh
give me something I can swallow
as the draught runs to my chest

I know it's what you wanted
saw you building up a set
of surgical supplies so you can
dissect me once I'm dead

you know when someone leaves a party
you can talk about them without fear
I never really gave a shit
I'll talk shit when they're here

is that how you will mourn me
when my picture sits on my box
after all the pain that I've made
will my stone say mother fuck

her all she ever did was drink and
bet and fuck and smoke and hurt
all she ever did was lie around
waiting for someone to save her


Broke up with my girlfriend. Single. Next question.