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	I don't remember anything from the last week or so including that last
blahpast so let's start from this morning which I do remember. I remember
waking up to my alarm's fourth or fifth ringing after having hit Snooze three
or four times, I remember going to the bathroom, I remember washing my hands,
and then I remember looking over and seeing the toilet backed up and all of
the drain's contents spewing out over the lid.
	After calling my boss and informing them I would be late to work (Hey,
Boss, I'm gonna be late to work today, the toilet's fucken backed up or
something. Hi Trinity this is the second time you've called us instead of your
new job.) I cleaned it all up and did the laundry with my piss clothes and the
piss towels that had soaked up the piss. Then, upon changing it from the washer
to the dryer, I found my phone.
	So I have no phone now. Life's a bitch.


	You can walk into walk-in freezers and just scream at the top of your
lungs and nobody can hear you. It's common practice.


	Georgio handed me a stack of Benjamins. "Count them."