Belgrade, Serbia


     Dejan Josifović  |  Дејан Јосифовић
Software engineer  |  Софтверски инжењер


The tool for building, packaging and installing Noteworthy II World of Warcraft addon


The repository for testing of pages features


A Clojure(Script) library for reading and writing Netpbm format


The Paranoid Times Gemini capsule


A library that provides a way for defining functions with type signatures for which pre and post conditions are generated using spec


The library of various file manipulation functions that strive to be highly reusable


Guild Wars 1 build template parser


My take on the Archmage Rises game programming test


My GW1 template collection


Python script for generating Serbia cities street orientations with OSMnx


Test project showing how to use konami-js CLJSJS library in ClojureScript


Wrapper around the ping command


Arduino and Python portable temperature monitor project


A list of Serbia holidays for Emacs calendar


All Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, TNT:Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment levels metadata

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