Ticketing for the terminal using structured textfiles. Implemented in bash.
Closing a ticket now updates the milestone appropriately
bt info subcommand implemented


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

Bashtickets is an advanced ticketing system for your terminal.

It uses a simple bash script called 'bashtickets' (or its shorter alias, 'bt') to create and interact with tickets and milestones, created on your filesystem as plain textfiles, which follow a particular structure.

While the user is encouraged to interact with all tickets and milestones exclusively via the 'bashtickets' script for convenience, at the end of the day, all tickets and milestones are structured textfiles and can also be manipulated by hand, if a user so wishes (as long as they keep to the specification, to ensure their tickets will remain compatible with the 'bashtickets' script).

This enables one to do things in bash using their terminal, as well as edit files manually by hand (e.g. on their phone, or anywhere else where they don't have a bash environment). E.g. you may sync to dropbox and edit from your phone, and then continue using the bashtickets script to perform more advanced operations once you're back on your terminal.

Bashtickets is highly configurable. The full specification and documentation for the main script will appear here soon.

Watch this space. :)