A tidy latex project template, which cleanly separates dependencies and various resources (figures, tables, equations, bibliography, etc). Also includes an example bash script for compilation of the project, which provides useful warnings, errors, cleanup, etc..
Removed some macros which should have been deleted from the template


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Working with, and compiling LaTeX documents can get very messy. Most people tend to dump all their files in a single folder, which then gets even more messy as the pdflatex command generates a variety of intermediate files required by the pdflatex compiler.

This project template separates the various components of a latex project into their respective folders in a tidy manner, while also providing an example compilation script (for bash-supporting systems) that can compile everything as appropriate and then clean up any intermediate files.

Each folder contains an example file and a README.md file containing information on how to use that folder. Feel free to explore.

The main.tex document shows an example document showing how to format your latex document to make the best use of this template.