Ignore messaged forwarded from self

Messages from the bot which have been forwarded to group chats are
ignored. This avoids duplicate substitution messages.

Messages from the bot which have been forwarded to the bot as a private
message are not ignored. This continues to allow for intentional
duplication or replacement of old faulty proxy links for newer ones.
Fix further None occurences
Fix no effective_{user,message} bug
Change Twitter inline query example
Add Medium to Scribe support
Add 32 new alts, purge some
Fix chat.full_name AttributeError
README.md: Add Updating section
Add new Piped instance alt
Add 29 new alts
Add "t" to youtube.com query_whitelist
Add new alts
Improve manpage
Improve logging with WatchedFileHandler

The default logging.FileHandler appeared to be buggy once the log file
was edited.

logging.handlers.WatchedFileHandler does not exhibit this behaviour.

@logger was renamed to @logged for clarification between namespaces.
Remove queries.json from Makefile
Remove queries.json, move config to services.json

Having two files for services is mistake prone. Similar to database
schemas, it's useful to put all services related data in the same file.

This commit moves the content of queries.json into services.json, and
refactors linkchanbot to handle that. This means one less global
variable, and less configuration logic.

This should not be breaking but a minor inconvenience. Simply remove
queries.json and remove (or backup) services.json, than reinstall.
Add MessageHandler filter for non-edited messages
Various formatting & comments, shrink /help USAGE
Validate alts.json, warn of missing 'service'