Update README.md
Improve _shell() with '$SHLVL
Display boot datetime in _uptime()
Use $PRETTY_NAME from /etc/os-release in _os()
04e8cf6a — Byron Torres 3 months ago
Fix _uptime() units order
Redundancy for _uptime() with uptime utility
Use sh, not dc, for _uptime()
72a71ce6 — Byron Torres 4 months ago
New _uptime() statusline; rm _kernal()
Use env printf
Improve _sshd() using 'user@pts/n' output from ps
Revert 015c94b "Use ps formatting to simplify..."

This reverts commit 015c94bcd508cd0fa74ed9eb6dfcd8d60a447e68.

The ps -c flag was not portable on MSYS2.

Note: BSD-style flags also don't work on MSYS2, but fall back gracefully
instead. Default MSYS2 ps lists all MSYS2 proccesses anyway.
Improve README.md
Update README.md
Fix config(), improve graphic() and formatters()
Adjust status whitespace
Make colors bold, adjust formatters
Use portable 'comm', not 'cmd', in ps formatting
Use ps formatting to simplify 0b0e927 & 81812e8
Sort tmux sessions by age

tmux has particular syntax for formatting internal state.
See tmux(1), /^FORMATS/.

This commit leverages the `tmux ls` subcommand, the tmux internal
`session_created` datetime variable, and the sort command to provide a
_tmux() statusline of sorted tmux sessions from oldest to youngest.

_sshd() and _tmux() are both improved with the usage of awk's `printf`
command instead of the `ORS` variable.