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  • type: image filename: maia1.png size: sm alt: Maia Stellar card concept caption: "Maia cards"
  • type: image filename: maia2.png size: sm alt: Main screen in Maia with transaction history caption: "Main screen with transaction history"
  • type: image filename: maia3.png size: sm alt: Screen for adding a card to the app caption: "Adding new cards to Maia"
  • type: image filename: maia4.png size: sm alt: Adding a new card to Maia with details filled in
  • type: image filename: maia5.png size: sm alt: Maia with multiple cards added caption: "Support for multiple cards"

Maia is an proof-of-concept payments app powered by the Stellar Network made with decentralisation and speed in mind. The idea is to have support for mobile payments similar to Venmo or Cash App, as well as contactless payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay support as well as a physical Maia Mastercard.

This project was made for fun, but the thought of truly decentralised and scalable payments excites me very much!