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An Idea for a Performance ↳ A tool for generating ideas

Aotearoa Artist Ephemera ↳ An artist and gallery ephemera archive

Artists from Asia ↳ A database of artists from Asia

Atlas ↳ A growing hybrid archive of reference material

Church Yard ↳ A research archive on Søren Kierkegaard

Derridata ↳ A research archive dedicated to the work of Jacques Derrida

e-Portfolio ↳ A portfolio of my teaching

Eda ↳ An SRI fund for investing in community projects

Future Asian Community ↳ A vision for a united global Asian community

Hyperjam ↳ An interactive art festival hosted by Merveilles

Markono ↳ A program for generating performance instructions

Mera ↳ A modified Canon 600D

Merveilles ↳ A community of artists and developers

Microme ↳ An indoor garden

Performa ↳ A performance art archive

Philemon ↳ A Jungian research archive

Praise of Shadows ↳ A research archive on shadows

Some Quiet Tips ↳ A mental health resource

The Language of Art ↳ An art history resource

The Museum Without Walls ↳ A Macintosh Hypercard project

Whitecub.es ↳ An interactive art map