Fixes light mode DM colors
Clean up, no more docker
Re-enable saving (woops).
Fix new note button color
Fix for clicking on notes.

This fixes an issue where when clicking on names or note links within
notes it only taking you to the thread view. It also allows you to
perform text selection too.

1. Fixed thread view, it didn't really seem to work before at all.
2. Removed excess buttons for notes, will extend into a drop down menu
Fix for DMs being broken
New mobile nav. Removed old cruft.
Use only nos2x.

This removes all code that depends on our own implementation of key
signing. Thus you must now use a browser extension to use any
Remove embed options
Reduce Scope

I am no longer going to support all the features and every NIP. It's too
hard. Thus I am reducing what I support in YoSup. From now on it will
only be a simple client with simple needs that serve me. I will continue
to use Damus on iOS or other clients for sending Zaps or using other
functionality. I do not feel I need to support these features and it has
me competing with other clients such as Snort or Iris, I don't want to
be a clone of them - I want a simple client for my needs: viewing what's
up from people I follow.

Thus I have started removing features and optimizing. Especially for the
very poor internet connection here in Costa Rica, reducing load of
images, content, etc. makes the client much faster and easier to use.

If you feel you are missing features please use the other clients that
have put in a LOT of hard work.
Spinner & show new fixes
Use shaka instead of heart.
Fix issue with posting reactions.
Bug fix

- Less buggy show more button
- Switched edit profile button to word instead of icon
Made shared events more obvious.
Fixes for reacting with emoji only
Added ability to view more posts.
Show only latest 200 posts for performance