My literal zsh setup.
thpd is controlled by superd now (in my setup)
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Makefile: org-dir detection; exec code-blocks
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Cleanup code-block naming/handling


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My literate zsh configuration.

This is my zsh configuration as org-mode document, based off of my previous oh-my-zsh setup. So the setup presented here is at the moment almost completly owed to the crazy and wonderful croud assambled there. And to Sven Guckes and Julius Plenz – their book “zsh - Die magische Shell” is a helpful resource in setting up zsh.

Not everything is explained in prose yet, but I’ll get there, for my own good.

This is, and will be, a work in progress. And somtime I hope a work of beauty.

The whole configuration setup is in zshrc.org, the file is split during tangling.


  • emacs 24
  • org-mode >= 7.8.03 (exported after 23d january 2012)
  • make


  • Clone the github repository

        cd $HOME
        git clone git://github.com/tomterl/zshorg.git .zshorg
  • Read the file zshrc.org and tinker with the settings.
  • Backup your existing config

        mkdir -p ~/Backups
        tar cfvz ~/Backups/zsh-config-$(date +"%F-%T") ~/.zshrc ~/.zsh.d
  • Generate the new config Either C-c C-v C-t while visiting the file zshrc.org in emacs, or

        cd ~/.zshorg
        make tangle

    this will overwrite ~/.zshrc and a couple of files in ~/.zsh.d; make sure you have backups. If you use the makefile, you have to tweak the ORGINSTALL variable or provide it at the commandline

        cd ~/.zshorg
        make tangle ORGINSTALL=your/actual/path/to/the/org/elc/files
  • Install external addons

        make externals

External addons

Addons resp. plugins are managed using antidote. To update them issue make update-externals.