chore: Update repository-dispatch to v2
fix: Make image manipulation work for new zola version
feat: Add option for ESV crossreferences in pages or sections
templates(index): Add section names to index template

This allows the index to show the sections underneath it, providing a
good landing page.
theme.toml: Add information about the original theme
actions/build(mirror): First cut at GitHub/SourceHut syncing

I can't figure out auto-submodule updating in sourcehut, so I'm going to
end up with a massively complicated system in which:

1. I push to sourcehut, which auto-pushes to GitHub, which tries to push
   back and makes no changes
2. Submodules get auto-updated on GitHub, which pushes to sourcehut,
   which pushes back to GitHub and makes no changes
meta: Bump zola to 0.13.0, dispatch only to `tommoa.github.io`
templates(blog): Update blog template to match the section template
sass(dark): Change h1 colour to match accent
templates(section): Don't show profile image in header
templates(macros): Use buttons instead of raw links for tags
templates: Use htmltitle to change title instead of complicated ifs
templates: Fix tags templates
templates(section): Use `post_list_item` instead of `post_container`

This removes a bunch of the unwanted padding
sass: Dark theme should colour text in tables accordingly
static: Host fontawesome instead of using SVGs

I can't change the colour of SVGs, which causes some problems with the
dark theme. This change fixes that by loading the actual font instead of
the SVGs.
sass: Make social_list text lighter for visibility
meta: Update config.toml for latest zola
sass: Add dark theme variant

The dark theme is based on `@media(prefers-color-scheme: dark)`, which
some browsers ignore.
templates: Don't resize and use the base_url

This would make things break if they weren't on the server already