chore(nixpkgs/yabai): Update yabai to 7.1.0
chore(nixpkgs): Update yabai to v7.0.2
chore(nixpkgs): Update yabai to v6.0.14
chore(nixpkgs): Update yabai to v6.0.12
chore(nixpkgs): Update yabai to v6.0.9
feat(nixpkgs): Update yabai to 6.0.7
fix(nixpkgs): Update mouse scaling to a float value

This changed in a version of nix-darwin, and this change reflects that.
chore(yabai): Update yabai to v6.0.6
feat(nixpkgs): Ensure that nix-daemons are enabled

I previously didn't have root on my old computer, so couldn't use the
nix-daemon. Now I do, so can take advantage of it.
feat(yabai): Add rule to move Obsidian to space 5

I have been using Obsidian to take notes and have found it useful. It
has typically been on space 5, and I have found myself expecting it to
be there in my keyboard shortcuts.

My current expected spaces are as follows:
 1. Mail + Instant Messages
 2. Calendar + Active Work
 3. Terminal
 4. Extra Work
 5. Obsidian
 6. Inactive Tabs
feat(tmux): Increase history-limit to 5000 lines
feat(nvim): Add obsidian plugin
chore(nixpkgs): Disable goimapnotify

The file size is too large at the moment, it should be disabled
feat(nixpkgs/yabai): Update to v6.0.1
feat(nvim): Use navarasu/onedark instead of joshdick/onedark

I like onedark, and it appears that Navarasu's version is more up to
date and works better with newer versions of neovim.
chore(nvim): Update nvim config to reduce messages on startup
chore(yabai): Update yabai to 6.0.0
feat(yabai): Update to v5.0.8
chore(nixpkgs): Swap from using exa to using eza

Exa is no longer maintained, but eza is a fork that is maintained.
chore(aerc): Update configuration to new config format