nixpkgs(darwin): Add yarn to packages

I need it for updating packages within coc.nvim
notmuch: Use `mv -f` instead of `mv` for renaming files

Previously, if a hook failed and some subset of the existing files were
moved, the next time the hooks were run `mv` would complain about the
files not existing. If we use `-f`, this failure is silent.
nvim: Load machine specific configuration in init.vim

This helps me at work, where certain style guides must be followed, but
I don't really want to have to change my existing configurations to
match them.
skhd: Use only left side of keyboard for keybinds

This lets me use _only_ cmd for some hotkeys -- if I want to use the
original keybindings I can just use right cmd on the keyboard.
nixpkgs(darwin): Update yabai to v3.3.7

This provides macOS 11.2 support.
nixpkgs(darwin): Add rustup to package list
nixpkgs: Change goimapnotify override from stdenv.lib to pkgs.lib

stdenv.lib is being deprecated and pkgs.lib is being used instead.
nixpkgs(darwin): Make python3 package with beancount and fava

Now when python3 is run, it'll find and be able to import the beancount
and fava packages.
nixpkgs(darwin): Add vdirsyncer timers to launch agents

Definitely something that's useful to have.

Makes `vdirsyncer sync` run every 15 minutes.
yabai: Mouse follows focus and focus follows mouse

This brings it in line with my sway settings.
skhd: Do yabai warp instead of swap

They're very similar, but warp lets you select where a window moves to
using `--insert`.
nvim(coc): Add coc-python to list of plugins

I've been working on a bunch of python 2 codebases, in which my usual
tool of choice pyright doesn't work. `coc-python` lets me continue to
work on python2 codebases with tools such as pylint and jedi.
aerc: Enable mouse support

I'm not sure why I had this disabled - perhaps because I rarely use it.
Either way, its definitely a "nice to have", so I'll probably keep it
yabai: Add yabai to config files
skhd: Add skhd to config files
profile: Add profile for apollo

Apollo is my macOS machine that I got for/from work. It is named after
Apollo, the first bishop of Corinth. Corinth was a massive trade capital
in the first century AD, so it makes sense to me to name my work
machines after people from Corinth.

The actual content of the profile adds a correct configuration for the
NIX_PATH to the environment variables.
bin/up: Fix typing compatibility with Python 3.8

Apparently doing type hints with raw types (e.g. dict[...], tuple[...],
list[...]) was only introduced in Python 3.9, which I have on Arch
Linux, but don't have on macOS.
nixpkgs(darwin): Add fava to list of packages

I already have beancount installed, and I use fava on my linux
computers, so I'm not sure why I didn't also install fava.
nixpkgs(darwin): Use `with pkgs` instead of listing pkg for each package

Just a nice ergonomic change.
nixpkgs(darwin): Don't show recent applications in the dock

This would end up with a load of Alacritty instances appearing in the
dock, as I can open them with skhd.
nixpkgs(darwin): Add some useful comments