fix(nixpkgs): Remove conflicts between newer versions of rustup and rust-analyzer
feat(nixpkgs): Upgrade yabai to v5.0.5
feat(nixpkgs): Update yabai to 5.0.4
feat(alacritty): Use left option as alt

This fixes one of my major issues with alacritty, as it would previously
not send through the meta/alt key correctly. This new option means that
my keybinds for tmux and neovim will work correctly within alacritty on
macOS again.
chore(nixpkgs): Update yabai to v5.0.3
feat(nix): Enforce no mouse acceleration

This has been driving me insane when I plug in a new mouse, so I'm just
blanket removing it.
feat(nvim): Use lua_ls instead of sumneko_lua as LSP server

sumneko_lua is now deprecated, so moving over to lua_ls makes sense.
fix(skhd): Fix path for opening kitty
feat(yabai): Bump yabai to 5.0.2
fix(nixpkgs): Override postPatch for yabai

The upstream package was recently updated to include a postPatch
section, which doesn't work if you just take the pre-built upstream
feat: Add kitty as a terminal emulator on darwin

My keymaps for neovim require the use of the left Alt/Option key, which
alacritty no longer supports. Until [alacritty#62] is fixed, I need to
use an alternative terminal emulator to be able to continue to have my
usual workflow on macOS.

[alacritty#62]: https://github.com/alacritty/alacritty/issues/62
chore(nvim): Change update_capabilities to default_capabilities

`update_capabilities` has been deprecated in nvim v0.8.0 and replaced by
fix(nix): Add pip and remove khal from packages

The khal package is broken. I also discovered that pip is not installed
by default on macOS, so I couldn't install libraries into my
chore(nix): Update yabai to v5.0.1
feat(nvim): Use the env var SHELL for `:term` instead of /bin/sh
fix(nixpkgs): Use updated configureBuildUsers variable

This got moved recently.
feat(nixpkgs): Update yabai to 4.0.2
feat(nvim): Make `<tab>` always just confirm for cmdline

This is something that has been really annoying me, so I've changed it
to have similar behaviour to normal completion for me.
nvim(cmp): Fix mappings for previous/next item selection

See github.com/hrsh7th/nvim-cmp/issues/231#issuecomment-1098175017
feat(nix-darwin): Add rust-analyzer to packages