feat(nix-darwin): Add rust-analyzer to packages
feat(zsh): Ensure vim binds are used
fix(skhd): Make sure "Create new space and move selected to it" works

This previously wouldn't work as the json output of yabai had changed.
feat(nvim-treesitter): Install all treesitter plugins
fix(nvim-lsp): Don't hard code lua-lsp path
feat(nix): Add rnix-lsp, pyright, lua-lsp and lilypond to darwin
feat(.env): Make mux work for directories with spaces

Unfortunately this is sometimes a problem. I think I probably want to
use $* instead of $1 as well...
feat(nvim): Add lilypond syntax highlighting

I've started using lilypond for music setting. It's nice to have good
syntax highlighting, though I think in the future a tree-sitter parser
would likely be better.
chore(nixpkgs): Update yabai to 4.0.0
2d9e7f21 — Tom Almeida 5 months ago
feat(nvim): Add completion to `?` with LSP suggestions

This is something that I somewhat had on `/` search, so having it for
reverse search would help with consistency.
0a8aac5a — Tom Almeida 5 months ago
feat(nvim): Update to use nvim-cmp instead of nvim-compe

nvim-compe is now in maintenance mode, and nvim-cmp is its replacement.
2d72d05f — Tom Almeida 5 months ago
feat(profile): Make sure that guix profiles are sourced

This would otherwise sometimes fail when done in a container.
a5ae4bdd — Tom Almeida 5 months ago
feat(guix): Make sure my personal channel works across usernames

I have a different account name for my work account, so running guix
with the work account results in the channel being at the wrong path.
This can be fixed by making it depend on the value of `$HOME`
feat(sway): Add machine-specific config for James

James is my desktop computer, which is always connected to a 165Hz
display (which I usually keep at 144Hz).

I've had issues with my wlsunset service, so its easier to start it (and
wireplumber if there are issues) here.
feat(guix-home): Make sure that my .profile is added to .profile

`guix home` overrides the .profile, which is minorly annoying to me.
This fix maskes sure that I will always have my usual .profile with me.
feat(guix): Move to using new greetd configuration

I've got this working, so using it seems like a good idea to me.
profile: Turn into symlink into .config for guix

This will let guix just replace the symlink and prevents git complaining
about the .profile always changing.
feat(home): Add guix-home configuration file
feat(aerc): Fix aerc for guix
feat(guix): Use pam-gnupg in greetd