12a8de0d0fd27a065eab22f977b96df6d43dcaf4 — Tom Almeida 6 months ago 304fbec
feat(yabai): Add rule to move Obsidian to space 5

I have been using Obsidian to take notes and have found it useful. It
has typically been on space 5, and I have found myself expecting it to
be there in my keyboard shortcuts.

My current expected spaces are as follows:
 1. Mail + Instant Messages
 2. Calendar + Active Work
 3. Terminal
 4. Extra Work
 5. Obsidian
 6. Inactive Tabs
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M .config/yabai/yabairc
M .config/yabai/yabairc => .config/yabai/yabairc +1 -0
@@ 34,5 34,6 @@ yabai -m config right_padding                12
yabai -m config window_gap                   06

yabai -m rule --add app='System Preferences' manage=off
yabai -m rule --add app='Obsidian' space=5

echo "yabai configuration loaded..."